Can magnets save the planet?

Thermal energy storage (TES) is a technology offered by 1414 Degrees that stores electricity as thermal energy by heating or cooling a storage medium, so that the stored energy can be used at a later time for heating and cooling applications and power generation.

Currently, the heating of the storage medium is done using resistive elements; much like your oven at home. Resistive heating is prone to heat losses and inefficiencies.

This project investigates the feasibility of introducing alternative heating methods, in particular, electromagnetic heating which relies on materials with strong magnetic properties. However, most magnets lose their magnetism when they are heated. Our objective is finding materials that retain their magnetism at high temperatures (high Curie temperature magnets). To this end, we designed, modelled and built equipment that can be used to test the magnetic properties of various materials at high temperatures.

Future energy and resources


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Nikko Mugweru Kahindi
Michael Njeru

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