Can you store energy using gravity?

About 1.1 billion people—or 14% of the global population—still do not have access to electricity.

They rely on kerosene lamps for lighting, which are harmful to human health and the environment. The solution? Gravity energy storage. The proposed prototype is a stand-alone system that can generate electricity by lifting a weight and allowing it to fall slowly. In this project, a design for the prototype was created involving brushless DC motors, power electronics, gear systems, a low-power load and a falling weight. The motor subsystem of the proposed design was developed to achieve the desired speed and torque. This serves as the foundation for the development of other subsystems in future projects. Ultimately, this will lead to a complete working design that can generate electricity for low–power loads and eventually eliminate the need for kerosene lamps.

Future energy and resources


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Keilah David
Kai Yang

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