Can you turn poisonous gas into air?

I used almond husks to turn poisonous NOx in engine exhaust back into air.

If you were wondering what NOx is, NOx (nitrogen oxides) is a major air pollutant that is commonly found in industrial emissions. NOx is considered a toxic gas which causes acid rain and smog which poses health hazards.

So, how do you turn poisonous gas into air? The ingredients of NOx are already basically air - and we saw the potential of reverse engineering the production of NOx back into air. As a matter of fact, this technique is commercially available, and it is widely used. Why am I researching this then? The technique available requires transition metals that can get poisoned and can not be used again. Ozonated carbon is a cheaper and more sustainable alternative, and I find it fascinating.

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Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Lok Yan Lam

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