Car bomb versus construction

Detonating explosive materials hidden in vehicles is not the acts of terrorism that can be seen daily but a single incident can cause a catastrophic destruction to their targets.

The understanding of the characteristics of the explosion has never been more crucial for critical structures to be fully reinforced. This project aims to develop an understanding of how the blast wave from the detonation and the fragments wave from the vehicles are combined and how the structures would deform against these dynamic impulses.

Simulations have been performed by indicating a fixed data of the blast wave with multiple arrival time of the fragments to appreciate the worst case scenario. A plot implementing the deflection of the panel with several combinations of the waves is produced.

The highest magnitude of the synergistic pressures and the period of time that the fragments tend to support the blast wave are identified. 

Our built and natural environments


Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

Junlin Liu
Minh Long Nguyen

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