CFD modelling of primary cementing

Primary cementing is a key part of the creation of an oil or gas well.

Successful primary cementing requires effective displacement of drilling mud that is present between the well-bore and the casing string with cement. The effectiveness of this displacement is hampered by the eccentric annular geometry of the system and the properties of the non-Newtonian fluids involved. The project goals where to develop a model of the system using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and validate this model as far as practicable against pre-existing correlations, analytical solutions, and existing experimental data.

Using that model, we then investigated the relative impact of some key variables identified on the displacement efficiency and developed some limited empirical correlations. The results from this will be used to make recommendations to industry to improve the likelihood of a primary cementing job being successful and consequently avoiding potential negative economic and environmental impacts.

Future energy and resources


Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Samuel John Gascoigne

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