Chaotic stockpile modelling

Bulk commodities, such as ores and grains, are often stockpiled in heaps on the ground.

Purpose-built stacking and reclaiming equipment is used to stack and reclaim these stockpiles in a systemic fashion, such that economically important properties such as moisture or content grade are tracked automatically. Stockpiles are also often constructed using general purpose earthmoving equipment, however this results in a chaotically constructed stockpile which introduces challenges when modelling stockpile materials. This project aims to investigate the feasibility of using a gaming physics engine to simulate the process of chaotically stacking and reclaiming stockpiles. We investigated the applicability of various game engines for this purpose and developed a simulation environment using the NVIDIA FleX library, which provided an effective software environment for particle-based simulations. The result of this was a simulation environment for granular materials that can believably demonstrate the processes of chaotic stockpile stacking and reclaiming.

Future energy and resources


Computer Science

Xuxin Alfred Chen
Russell Woodcock
Jiarong Fan

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