CO2 solving global warming?

Due to the increasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, global warming is becoming a rising issue and concern for mankind.

By converting CO2 to a useful fuel resource, we can reduce its contribution to global warming and also re-use it as an energy resource. This project employed electrolysis to achieve this conversion of CO2 into fuel in the form of C2, C3 hydrocarbons and oxygenates, catalysed by copper-silver alloys.

Copper electrodes were first activated using an electrodepositing technique and the copper-silver alloys were then synthesised and optimised for CO2 reduction using galvanostatic replacement in solution. Promising results were obtained for CO2 conversion to C2, C3 hydrocarbons and oxygenates.

This method of CO2 conversion can be up-scaled in industries such as oil and gas and pharmaceutical plants that have significant CO2 emissions - taking us a step closer to solving global warming.

Future energy and resources


Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Atharv Saluja

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