Cooling vines to protect SA wines

As climate change brings more heatwaves, the wine industry will rely on smart solutions to continue thriving in South Australia.

Just like we sweat to cool down, the evaporative cooling from the soil and vine have the potential to reduce temperatures in vineyards. 

Using current irrigation infrastructure, the aim was to determine how much cooling can be achieved per unit of water applied. From this, an optimal irrigation schedule may be designed to help lower temperatures and mitigate negative impacts. A computer model called Cupid models the soil, plant and atmosphere was used to investigate this with data collected from a vineyard in the Riverland.

By watering on the morning prior to a heatwave day, temperatures in the vines may be reduced by 3-4C. This will guide growers in better management under a changing climate and may improve heatwave resilience not only for vineyards but other vulnerable crops also.

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Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

Caitlin Wenke
Truong Huy Thien Nguyen
Hieu Le
Alastair Price

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