Cooper Basin deep coal stimulation

The Cooper-Eromanga Basin is Australia’s premier onshore oil and gas province, and its supply of gas to eastern Australia holds national significance.

The basin’s conventional resources have been extensively developed, with the hydrocarbon source rocks recognised as potential source rock reservoirs (SRR). The deep coal SRR play is believed to hold transformative potential in significantly increasing the lifetime of production within the basin. 100+ fracture stimulation projects have been undertaken, mostly within vertical development wells producing from multiple reservoirs units.

Learnings from US shale gas plays show horizontal drilling to be the optimum design for SRR development. The project aimed to further understand the parameters that affect the reservoir stimulation and make recommendations upon well design. A 3D geomechanical earth model was set up in GOHFER 3D to model the impact of multiple well design variables. Presented are the visual simulation products, and the recommended optimum well design.

Future energy and resources


Australian School of Petroleum (Geoscience)

Luke Tobias Haig-Moir

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