CubeSats: Watch this space!

Space weather in the Earth’s upper atmosphere degrades GPS performance and can cause irreparable damage to power networks.

Data gathered from low Earth orbit using swarms of small satellites will facilitate improved forecasting and mitigation strategies. CubeSats, a type of small satellite with standardised form, are well suited to this application. 

This project sought to design, build, and test a CubeSat for atmospheric data collection. To achieve the mission, multiple systems were developed and verified to withstand launch and the harsh environment of space. These include structural, power, attitude sensing and control, communications, and computing subsystems. The result is a series of functional and integrated subsystems in the form of a prototype satellite. Our CubeSat has met various performance requirements which validate the design and contribute towards launch qualification.

Securing our future


Mechanical Engineering

Benjamin Allan
Alister Coad
Siddharth Dabiru
Anthony King
Matthew Smalls
Max Wayne

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