Damage model of composite structures

The occurrence of delamination threatens the service life of the composite structures.

Structural health monitoring techniques are gaining popularity for the maintenance of various structures with significant efficiency and cost-effectiveness over traditional approaches. An accurate simulation of structures plays an important role in the development of this technology. 

Given the unsatisfactory accuracy with the expected computational efficiency of current computer simulation, this project aims to improve the accuracy of the current model by using a higher order finite element model. The development of this model has been divided into three parts: static stimulation, force vibration simulation and guided wave simulation. 

Generally, the model collects and processes the properties of a material, then performs the loading or wave propagation on the structure, followed by monitoring the response at a particular point. Overall, this model helps to improve the accuracy of detecting the existence of delamination in composite structures.

Our built and natural environments


Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

Jiacheng Lyu
Yuan Feng
Guanzhen Li
Shilin Chen

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