Designing & simulating a factory

Moving houses and changing design is expensive⁠ - let alone an entire factory! 

This project is based on a real scenario of a company moving to a larger facility and the use of technology to assist the layout and production flow. By simulating the layout in a virtual environment, it has the potential to stop bottle-necks and the need to re-design. 

Firstly, a 2D layout was used to create a basic flow in the building. From this 2D drawing a 3D model was created, with scale objects placed to check functionality. Next, process mapping was utilised to see how production times change with the new design. This project resulted in a functional layout with increased production rates. Further, with future demand in mind, the factory floor-plan was designed in an expandable manner⁠ - removing the need to redesign when batch quantities increase.

Transforming technologies


Mechanical Engineering

Matthew Bray

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