Diagenetic Controls on Permeability

Producing oil and gas from a low permeability reservoir is like trying to drink a thick shake through a tiny straw.

If an oil and gas company were to know how permeable or impermeable their target is likely to be, they can allocate resources and adapt their production strategy ahead of time. I set out to see if it is possible to determine how the permeability of a reservoir changes between the time of sediment deposition and hydrocarbon influx, based on where the sediments were deposited.

In this project, I used data collected from wells previously drilled to build an understanding of how permeability, and diagenesis, changes within a particular formation, based on where the constituent sediments of that formation were deposited. I also compared this lower permeability reservoir formation with a nearby high permeability reservoir formation and formed hypotheses as to why there is such a contrast between them.

Future energy and resources


Australian School of Petroleum (Geoscience)

Nicholas James Powell

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