Digitising manufacturing workflows

Industry 4.0 is a paradigm shift for the manufacturing industry.

It is the integration of digital technologies within cyber-physical systems to enhance production processes and support smart factories. The future of high value, low volume manufacturing in Australia will rely on competing with low cost manufacturing centres globally through the integration of digital Industry 4.0 technologies.

This project is a collaboration with SAGE Automation to integrate a KOMAX Zeta 640 automated wire harness production machine in their electrical panel manufacturing workflow, aided by these Industry 4.0 concepts. The goal of this project is to achieve end-to-end optimisation, from CAD to wire production on the KOMAX. Value stream mapping techniques were used to critically review current processes, then design an optimised system. Software was developed to transform data from CAD into production instructions for the KOMAX. Results show a production time reduction of up to 65%.

Transforming technologies


Mechanical Engineering

Philemon Herweijer
Joshua Marich

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