Enhancing safety performance

Injuries within the workplace present significant direct and indirect costs to the employer, the worker and the community.

Musculoskeletal injuries (MSI's) are among the most commonly reported injury type in the workplace, with movements such as pushing, pulling, lifting and bending being the most common cause of a muscular sprain or strain. 

Over the past 5 years, 24% of all reported injuries throughout Santos’ operations were muscular stress-related, which was the highest proportion of any one injury mechanism. Research into lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) statistics has found that Santos’ MSI proportion may be significantly higher than the industry-wide average. 

The underlying objective of this project is to understand, through a comprehensive review of the literature, what factors influence MSI frequency rate and furthermore, to identify shortcomings in Santos’ safety procedures when compared with Safework SA’s Code of Practice through data analysis.

Future energy and resources


Australian School of Petroleum

Gunho Ahn
Reece Lindsay
Martino Odongo

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