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Knowing the volume of gas underground and how fast it can be produced is important for identifying a successful project in the oil and gas industry.

We achieved this by utilising modelling software to determine the original volume of gas (OGIP) underground and by developing a platform in Excel to identify opportunities where more gas can be produced from a well. We applied Rate Transient Analysis (RTA) to determine the OGIP using type curves, which match production data onto a set of mathematical curves.

To determine if gas rate could be increased by changing wellhead pressure, we have designed a platform in Excel that imports production data and automatically plots curves known as Wellhead Inflow Performance Relationships (WHIPRs). We successfully created 324 RTA models to determine the OGIP for Cooper Basin gas wells and validated our WHIPRs by predicting future flow rates using past data.

Future energy and resources


Australian School of Petroleum

Emily Taylor
Dharshana Navaratnam

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