Flexible tech: future or fiction

How would you like a phone that you could fold in half, or a portable solar panel to charge it that you could roll up and put in your pocket?

Well, you can't yet, but there are some molecules that might make this possible very soon. They are called organic semiconductors but aren’t commonly used yet because they’re not very efficient. Although this is improving, progress is slow because these molecules are often long and flexible - like spaghetti - which means that it's difficult to predict how they will behave under different conditions. My research is trying to fix that. Using computer simulations, I look at how changing things like molecule size, or the liquid used to make the device, affects how they behave, so that other people will be able to choose the right type of molecule, or even design new ones, for the device they are making.

Future energy and resources


Physical Sciences

Belinda Boehm

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