Fracturing fluid for HT/HP

Hydraulic fracturing is a petroleum well stimulation technique that involves artificially fracturing rock formations using a high pressure fluid to increase hydrocarbon accessibility.

In reservoirs where there is limited availability of treated water, or where additional energy is needed to produce economically, a fracturing fluid may be ‘energised’ with N2 or CO2 gas to create a foamed fluid. However, in reservoirs with high subsurface temperatures and pressures (HT/HP), these foams may become unstable and fail to deliver the required fracture performance. This project aimed to develop an optimised fracturing fluid system for delivery under HT/HP conditions.

This involved laboratory testing of a foamed fluids stability, rheological properties and ability to transport proppant. The data produced from these tests can be used to guide further development, ultimately resulting in a fluid system that can be used by industry to maximise fracture performance in HT/HP reservoirs.

Future energy and resources


Australian School of Petroleum

Muhammad Saqib Ali
Michael Dell'Antonio

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