Friday 13th framework on heat exchangers

Failures occur often in real world processes due to the accumulation of random fluctuations in key parameters.

These failures from random fluctuations are often disregarded as 'natural phenomenon' or 'human error'. Heat exchangers are critical to the operation and performance of most process plants. Reducing downtime caused by heat exchanger failures and optimising heat exchanger performance can increase process plant efficiency and overall productivity.

Therefore, this research aims to compare the risk of failure of one large heat exchanger compared to two smaller units using water to cool oil using the Friday 13th method of solution (Fr 13). Fr 13 can also rank what key parameters are expected to impact failure the most in either scenario. This has the significance of knowing what parameter to control in order to reduce these so-called 'natural phenomenon' or 'human error' failures.

Future energy and resources


Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Julian Cheng Lun Ng
John Schinella

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