Fuel cell vehicle: power control

Development of hybrid vehicles has increased, and now fuel cell hybrid vehicles are one of the eco-friendliest vehicles available.

Fuel cells use hydrogen to fuel the vehicle and only emit water during driving. The purpose of this project is to develop an intelligent power control unit (PCU) to regulate the energy flow between the fuel cell stack and battery to achieve optimal energy efficiency while driving. The PCU’s objective is to minimise fuel consumption while predicting driver’s behaviour and to maintain the battery charge at a certain level. In addition, the battery’s state of charge estimation will be implemented to ensure the battery is safe for operating. A fully functional simulator has been developed in Simulink to analyse performance of the controller. Lastly, the PCU will be implemented into a fuel cell vehicle demonstrator to test and validate the performance of the simulator and the PCU.

Future energy and resources


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Loqman Al Aripin
Tsz Yee Ha
Jan Pang

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