Gases problems in piping system

Air in the piping system causes significant plump problems including cavitation and chemical erosion.

Our aims for our project are to identify how air is introduced to the system, simulate how severe the cavitation can be with the presence of tapped air, and how fast the flow rate should be to flush all residual air out of the system. 

To achieve our aims, circuits with different gradients were built up for experimental aspect, and Hytran simulations was applied for simulation aspect. Our results prove that the pressure reduction contributes little to air in pipe, but the presence of trapped air strengthens the cavitation especially in hot water piping system. In addition, a general trend was obtained to predict the maximum allowable trapped air with respect to some specific flow rate. 

Our findings reveal the impacts of trapped air and effectively predict the location and quantity of residual trapped air in piping system.

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Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

Rui Pu
Sirui Chen
Yunze Jiang
Jinhang Wu

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