Generate electricity at home

There has been a lot of research and development of sustainable energy sources for large scale energy production.

However, there has been limited research in development of small-scale sustainable energy production. The aim of the project is to design and build a replicable energy source that operates in normal environmental conditions with a low setup cost. The developed energy tree will generate electricity with the help of wind induced vibration of piezo-attached leaves. Design phase of the energy tree focused on analysing vibration of the leaf using power spectral analysis, amplitude testing and data processing of the initial 3D model. Theoretical data obtained from element analysis and fluid structural interaction in ANSYS software was then compared with mentioned experimental results. The combination of data analysis and fluid simulation helped to finalise component designs for manufacturing and assembly. Developed tree prototype was tested under real world conditions to understand the feasibility of harvesting vibration of piezo material.

Future energy and resources


Mechanical Engineering

Jibanta Sapkota
Han Zhou

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