Glucose to HMF – A greener future

Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) serves as a derivative for bio-fuels and is produced from the dehydration of natural sugars such as glucose.

Currently, this dehydration reaction is carried out using liquid acid catalysts which have shown to produce good yields of HMF but at the cost of high expenses due to the corrosion of machinery and difficulty of catalyst retrieval. Interest has peaked in the potential of using solid acid catalysts as they not only eliminate the issues encountered with the use of their liquid counterparts, but they are also more robust and stable during catalytic reactions.

This project in particular has been aimed at designing a solid acid catalyst that not only is able to successfully dehydrate glucose to HMF but to do so at an efficiency equal to that of liquid acid catalysts. 

Future energy and resources


Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Nathanael Luke Lau
Ignasius Hadrian Lovianto

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