Graphene's future set in concrete

The prevalence of concrete within infrastructure is evident throughout the world.

However, with the production of this material accounting for 7% of global carbon emissions, and limitations remaining within concrete structures, there is the need for an improved material. 

Graphene is a recent discovery which possesses superior strength and durability properties which have not been seen before. Therefore, there exists the possibility of enhancing the properties of concrete through the incorporation of graphene. 

To assess the effects of graphene on a fundamental level, this project adds various amounts of this material to cement mortar. A parametric study involving an array of mechanical and durability testing then assesses graphene’s influence. Through the analysis of cement mortar specimens, the applicability to concrete elements can be evaluated. The possibility of an enhanced material can then lead to creating structures with smaller volumes of concrete, thus reducing the effects on the environment.

Our built and natural environments


Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

Michael Walker
Ziyuan Zhang
Ramzy Al-Moughraby
Hannah Ceccato

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