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As online services become ever more deeply embedded in daily life, we gladly place our trust in countless organisations and individuals, mostly without our knowledge.

What's more, the interconnected nature of modern software means one small programming error can have widespread consequences for security. Many organisations offer a bounty for security bug reports. 

Such "bug bounties" have proven to be effective for improving security, but may be unaffordable for smaller businesses and community projects. We present a web-based bug bounty platform that aims to support businesses and developers who cannot afford to pay bounties, as well as those who rely on their products and services. 

In return for early access to the security bug report, many honest stakeholders will share the cost of the bounty. The use of a Hyperledger Fabric blockchain allows the system to be hosted by the community without risking its integrity.

Securing our future


Computer Science

James Kirkwood
Oscar Harper
Raymond Chav

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