Helping your heart health

Rising global obesity levels have resulted in a decline in cardiac health.

Fat and cholesterol can gather and harden within your arteries, blocking them and eventually causing them to rupture. Rupture often results in death.The goal of this project is to design, build and test a low cost and accurate tensile testing machine. The machine would allow the mechanical properties of cardiovascular tissue to be determined. 

Mechanical properties are the physical properties of a material that determine how it will respond when a force is applied. A review of commercially available apparatuses was conducted. The best parts from each were combined to create our design. The system is able to reliably and accurately measure the mechanical properties of the tissue under investigation. The results can then be applied to a model of the cardiovascular system to help prevent and predict heart attacks.

Healthy society


Mechanical Engineering

Hamed Salim Hamed Muslem Al Mandhari
Hao Guo
Aidan Rigoni
Shenkun Xie

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