Hidden treasures from public data

Have you ever heard of DARTS!

Being an expert in this game, there are various merits that a player should have including state of knowledge, keen information, awareness and precision. An expert in DARTS would know how to run their rounds in the most efficient way to get the exact scores as well as gathering all information they have and letting people know that they have pay their attention and contribution to get the best results. The merits from DART is a simple and plausible formula can apply to all situations in our lives.

No matter how challenging the information and plausible data are, they will always be considered as “HIDDEN TREASURES” since they could lead us to reach our approachable achievements. Knowing its significant benefits, this project is trying to reveal that “HIDDEN TREASURES” from all the data to exploit the potential promising outcomes. 

Future energy and resources


Australian School of Petroleum

Jacob Deng
Duc Toan Tran
Le Cong Danh Dang-Le

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