How dry is the desert?

How dry is the desert?

Hydrological models perform poorly in arid climates. They are not able to accurately predict the amount of runoff after rainfall events. We hope to gain a deeper understanding of why catchments in these climates cause difficulty for these models. 

We constructed three commonly used rainfall/runoff models in R and Excel and compared the performance after calibration on four catchments with three objective functions. We found that the performance of a model improved with an increase in the amount of runoff. Structural changes to the models commonly used would be needed to improve the prediction in arid regions. By achieving higher reliability of rainfall/runoff forecast, we shape a more sustainable future with less flooding damage to farmers, structures and our society.

Our built and natural environments


Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

Ty Edwards
Saeed Safaviarjmand
Congyun Huang
Yin Mo Marco Lau

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