Improve renewable energy efficiency

The societal demand for a clean source of renewable energy to replace the current environmentally-harmful fossil fuel energy technology is continuously increasing.

A solution to this problem is photocatalytic hydrogen (H2) production from water splitting, which takes sunlight and converts it into a clean source of energy: hydrogen fuel. This research aims to design and synthesise photocatalysts with high H2 production rates, at a cost relatively similar to pre-existing H2 production methods.

The relationship between the H2 production rates of photocatalysts and their physiochemical characteristics were determined through a range of performance testing and characterisation methods. By understanding this relationship, a photocatalytic mechanism has been determined, with a general guideline for the design of the next generation of photocatalysts.

Future energy and resources


Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Sahil Narayanan
Aiman Norhizam

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