Improvement of UV for water quality

Drinking water is a finite resource, essential for agriculture and industry.

Water pollution and wasteful use of fresh water has risen to meet the increasing demands of the globe. A pressing need has emerged for comprehensive and accurate assessments of water quality. For instance, online UV-spectroscopy is a proposed solid detection and composition technique. However, due to the samples being more turbid, online UV-Spectroscopy measurements have proven to be inaccurate. 

The goal of the project is to devise a suitable method to compensate the effect of particles on UV-Vis measurements. Mathematical models and computer software were used to explore methods of improving UV data. I am presenting a current model which aims to improve the accuracy of UV-Vis data. As a result, this can potentially be the groundwork for further research and implantation of online quality monitoring in the water industry.

Our built and natural environments


Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Efthimios Tsiflidis

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