Improving artificial photosynthesis

What if our current energy sources are on the verge of depletion?

An improvement in artificial photosynthesis (APS) will be a stepping-stone for an alternative energy source. Benefits of photosynthesis include the conversion of sunlight into chemical energy with oxygen as the main byproduct. By imitating the main characteristics of photosynthesis, the invention of APS has brought hope for humanity by creating a new alternative energy source which is clean and sustainable.

However, to achieve this efficiently is a challenge as the process currently uses expensive and toxic catalysts. Therefore, with the combination of botanical material and conventional components, this project aims to increase efficiency by finding a new photo-catalyst involved in the operation of APS. The results obtained will be used to further research before being applied and utilised.

Future energy and resources


Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Triet Anh Do
Siqi Yang

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