Improving failure estimation in unreinforced masonry (URM)

Estimating failure capacity of tie-rod anchor systems for Australian unreinforced masonry is an area of research that has not been extensively reviewed. 

Our research aims to limit parapet failures by accurately estimating the failure capacity of tie-rod anchor systems. Our team has accomplished this goal by adapting an existing theoretical model to function for Australian masonry through laboratory testing to determine internal properties of commonly used masonry materials, which were then used as inputs into the model. 

This research could help avoid tragedies due to parapets collapsing during high stress events such as earthquakes, such as in Christchurch in 2011. We hope that through the use of this theoretical model and our research into its parameters, further tragedy could be avoided as a result of better design.

Our built and natural environments


Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

Angus Coxon
Mitchell Veprek
Aaron Hesse
Hamish Griffiths

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