Innovative lab-on-a-chip biosensor

Exosomes can be used as biomarkers for disease diagnosis and monitoring due to their critical molecular contents which mimics the status of the cell they originated from.

There is a lack of advanced detection systems capable of high throughput real-time quantification analysis which inhibits the use of exosomes in real clinical settings. This project aimed to fabricate a Nanoporous  Anodic Alumina photonic crystals array to act as a sensor surface.

Fourier-transform spectroscopy analysing simulated exosomes (latex beads) on the surface were used to test the sensing abilities of the surface. The surface of the proposed biosensor chip was fabricated successfully and the nanoporous surface captured the simulated exosomes effectively.

We present a biosensor chip surface which allows high throughput exosome-based liquid biopsy for clinical diagnosis, monitoring and research of diseases.

Healthy society


Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Yik Yue Li

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