Intelligent ink management system

Viscosity is an important parameter that influences the quality of the printed product and the amount of ink used.

This project, sponsored by the Detmold Group, aims to design and build a system that can simultaneously optimise the management of the key parameters for four different inks. The scalable system must be capable of measuring and dynamically controlling viscosity, pH and temperature in real-time to capture and record all key data sets for further analysis.

Through intensive research and iterative experimentation, an ink management system that is simple and user-friendly has been developed and is currently undergoing an intensive testing program and further refinement. When completed, this system is expected to help Detmold save over a million dollars per annum on ink usage while improving the quality of the printed product.

Transforming technologies


Mechanical Engineering

Chee Min Leong
Ivan Nunes
Cheuk Fung Wong

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