Is your smart home compromised?

With the rise of smart-home devices, attackers gain new ways to compromise and steal information from everyday individuals.

Many internet-connected devices (such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa) lack a much-needed method for ensuring their security. 

The goal was to develop a way in which to detect and prevent eavesdroppers who sit in between network connections, stealing your personal data. A method was developed in which the various devices on a network were used to view a new, unknown device from many different angles. This could then reveal the presence of an attacker by making eavesdropping on so many connections infeasible. 

The result was a system that can reliably detect a malicious eavesdropper in a network, and can warn a user that this is occurring. This allows for users of highly-interconnected devices to rest easy, knowing that their personal data is safe.

Securing our future


Computer Science

My-Thuyen Angel Ha
Jakeb Vandborg
Jiaxing Peng


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