It’s a super adsorbent!

Oil contamination on the water surface causes pollution, threatening marine organisms.

Conversely, water contamination in lubricant oil brings damage and failure to mechanical devices. Overall, coexistence of oil and water in the same medium brings harm to the environment and the lubrication industries. 

Through this project, we aim to develop a superhydrophobic diatomaceous earth (DE) adsorbent. Superhydrophobic properties enable DE to have a very high ability to repel water and adsorb heavy oil. Having a porous structure, DE is an inorganic mineral adsorbent and is biologically abundant in nature. The surface of DE will be modified by chemical processes to make the DE superhydrophobic. 

This project presents the performance of superhydrophobic DE by simulating the adsorption process under unsteady fluid flow condition. This study also improves the cost and efficiency of oil-water removal and targets to implement the study for practical application.

Our built and natural environments


Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Nur Atirah Afifah Binti Sezali
Norshafinaz Azyla Abdul Halim

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