Keswick Clay seasonal variability

Does climate affect Keswick Clay properties?

The aim of our project was to measure the strength of soil in Adelaide’s Southern Parklands in different seasons to find any variation that occurs due to rainfall and temperature patterns. 

The soil shear strength was measured using many different techniques, while climate data was taken from the Bureau of Meteorology. The subsequent model created was used to predict future soil moisture conditions at the site of testing. The depth of suction change below the ground surface was measured using laboratory testing and these suction values were used to estimate the strength of the soil using previously determined relationships. 

Our research found suction was most extreme in dry conditions, with a correlation between soil moisture and shear strength. Understanding shear strength and suction changes in Keswick Clay can improve the efficiency and safety of infrastructure for projects with foundations built upon this soil.

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Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

Nicholas Hayes
Lucas Van Woensel
Toby Sorokin
Harrison Lewis

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