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There are currently over 700,000 Stobie poles in South Australia and many of them have exceeded their design lifespan of 50 years.

Corrosion of the underground I-beam sections is very common and can lead to the collapse of Stobie poles, causing blackouts, damage to property, and, potentially, to people. On average 10-12 poles fall down every year. 

The aim for this project was to design and build an effective device to monitor corrosion evolution in underground sections. The monitoring method is based on generation and sensing of edge waves, which can propagate over large distances without significant decay. 

The preliminary results have demonstrated that the device is capable of detecting corrosion damage of up to 400mm below the ground. The same device and monitoring method can be used for many other engineering applications, which require distant sensing of mechanical damage in hard to reach locations.

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Mechanical Engineering

Po-Wei Chen
Cyril Crentsil
Bethge Walauwe Odayar

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