Low cost, zero waste mining

With the ever-growing demand for minerals, mining inevitably will go deeper and have to deal with lower grade and more complex ores.

Consequently, low cost, lower environmental impact and safer innovative mining techniques will have to be developed to keep a viable industry. In-situ recovery (ISR) is such a technique.

The aim of the project was to conduct a pre-feasibility study of using in-situ recovery method to recover copper and gold from the old Kapunda mine in South Australia.

For the pre-feasibility, a flow model was created to investigate fluid movement throughout the Kapunda orebody.  Based on the modelling results, an economic model was established. Preliminary results indicate that there is potential for the economic recovery of copper and gold from the low grade area of Kapunda Mine using the ISR method.

Future energy and resources


Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

Yue Ma
Ainsley Bosch
Zachary Holmes
Jed Castree
Wenhao Ma

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