Make More Oil, Research for Solution

Water flooding has been a prominent technique to increase oil production and is done by injecting water into an oil reservoir to push oil out.

Dating back to the Second World War, the Soviet Union used this technique to boost their oil production in order to reinforce their military mobilization. The efficiency of water flooding is directly affected by the co-exist flow of oil and water in the reservoir. The flow is controlled by the rate of water injection and the mobilization of loose particles within the pore system of the reservoir.

This research studies how micro-particles within the pore system migrate when oil and water flow through. During particle migration, some particles will stuck when attempting to pass through narrower pores. This causes blockage to fluids flow known as formation damage. Formation damage leads to permeability decline, hindering fluids flow out from the reservoir.

Future energy and resources


Australian School of Petroleum

Grace Ming Yin Loi
Wee Jet Leo
Cuong Nguyen Cao

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