MANTIS in space

The recent proliferation of smaller satellites has brought about new challenges in adapting traditional satellite imaging technology to smaller form factors.

Defence Science and Technology Group has decided to experiment in this domain with the development of MANTIS, the Maneuverable ANtenna and Terrestrial Imaging System, to advance Defence imaging capabilities through novel miniaturised imaging payloads. MANTIS will be a dual-purpose optical payload with both self-imaging and earth observation capabilities through a deployable manoeuvring mirror. 

Mechanical subsystems have been developed and evaluated to deploy and control the mirror including the boom, mirror deployment and control mechanism and satellite interfaces. Finite element modelling techniques have been used to simulate vibration and thermal environments and is expected to be validated in both vibration and thermal vacuum testing that is representative of environment that the payload will experience. Following a design review, the payload awaits to be integrated into a 6U CubeSat mission.

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Mechanical Engineering

Hao Duong

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