Maths to improve mass spectrometry

Mass spectrometry is used to determine the chemical composition of samples.

Lately, interest has arisen in developing the sensitivity of mass spectrometers that analyse liquid samples using hollow-core tapers as emitter tips. 

Before the actual manufacturing through heat and draw process, the best choice of control parameters is determined through trial and error experiments. This raises the need for mathematical modelling to determine if it is possible to make emitter tips of suitable geometry by the heat-and-draw process to achieve a high degree of precision. 

Therefore, we aim to use mathematical modelling to find the control parameters that enable the manufacture of suitable emitter tips by the heat and draw process. With the insight obtained from a mathematical model, laboratory experiments can be done to test the model predictions and indicate if further model improvements are needed.

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Mathematical Sciences

Gagani Pathumika Ranathunga

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