Microfluidic chip as a defence

Satellites play an important role in our daily life - from simple communication use to this very moment when you are reading this passage.

This high dependence on the services provided has solidified the need to have satellites and a defence system in place. 

Thus, this project addresses the vulnerabilities of previous defence systems and proposes a microfluidic chip, designed to mitigate threats (to be placed in a decoy nanosatellite). Using the concept of microfluidics, the chip is designed to allow fluid flow through - without a pump - for the quantum nanodots synthesis reaction to occur in outer space conditions. The synthesised product would then be released into space as a cloud. 

This research has studied various low temperature reactions and the resulting quantum nanodots quality, as well as fluid flow behaviour, to deduce a suitable microfluidic chip design.

Securing our future


Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Daniel Kinasz

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