Microfluidics for cancer diagnosis

Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide.

Researchers state that if patients are diagnosed in the early stages of cancer, the survival rate would rapidly increase. However, current diagnosis methods have a long processing time processing and diagnosis results may be inaccuracte. Based on literature research, it is found that microfluidics are a sensible option to overcome those disadvantages. 

Therefore, the aim of this project is to develop microfluidics channels that can diagnose and separate the cancer cells with the desired separation efficiency. The overall theoretical forces acting on the cancer cell inside the microfluidics channel is calculated. The different types of microfluidics channels are modelled in ANSYS, then cancer cells are simulated with different boundary conditions. The microfluidics channel is modified accordingly to achieve the desired separation efficiency. 

The simulation has shown that designed microfluidics channels can separate the cancer cells and achieve the desired separation efficiency.

Healthy society


Mechanical Engineering

Sihang Li
Xinyu Wang
Aliy Zainal Abidin

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