Minor losses, major impact

Australians use approximately 180,000 L of water per person each year for activities such as drinking, sanitation, industrial and commercial use.

Water distribution systems are used to transport these large quantities of water to consumers. However, water distribution systems consist of energy losses that need to be considered when determining the flow within the system to minimise errors. 

For large systems and larger diameter pipes, friction losses have a greater impact than minor losses, but for smaller systems, smaller pipes or systems with many fittings, minor losses can be significant. The aim of this study is to derive new minor loss coefficients that are specific to small diameter pipes. A combination of laboratory and computer simulations have been performed to derive and test the minor loss coefficients to prove that including minor losses when designing water distribution networks can reduce the error caused by the effects of minor loss.

Our built and natural environments


Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

Priya Saravanan
Siyuan Ding
Jiahua Huo
Huiyu Xu

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