Motor control for electric vehicles

Large companies such as Tesla, Porsche and BMW are all releasing electric vehicles into today’s car market - why?

Electric motors have the potential to be more powerful, durable and most importantly can utilise energy produced by the world’s ever growing renewable resources sector. The problem is ensuring our motor control is responsive, accurate and robust to a range of terrain while still performing as the driver would expect. 

The aim for this project was to understand the theory and mechanics behind motor control and apply this to a Mazda MX-5 electric conversion. After applying our knowledge and testing, we have developed software to process feedback from a range of sensors, in real time, to control the motor in in the Mazda. We present a system which is capable of reducing emissions on our roads by taking advantage of cleaner energy from renewable sources.

Transforming technologies


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

James Licciardi
Brady Martin

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