New anti-cancer drug delivery system

How to improve the drug delivery system in cancer treatment?

Commonly, chemotherapeutic agents are delivered systemically and, as a result, exhibit limited efficacy against solid tumours. Moreover, some chemotherapeutic drugs are poorly water-soluble and non-specific. Due to their poor solubility, these chemotherapeutic drugs generally exhibit reduced bio-availability and reduced efficacy in cancer treatments. 

This research focused on developing delivery systems that localise drugs at the tumour site and enable sustained drug release to increase treatment efficacy. In this project, we synthesis and characterise a novel amphiphilic block copolymer and investigate its use as a pH-responsive polymeric micelle drug delivery system. PH-responsive PMs can remain stable at physiological pH, then disassemble at the lower pH of the tumour milieu, thus releasing the encapsulated drug at the target site and thereby improving target specificity through localisation at the target site.

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Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Fengxiang Bai

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