Oil and gas: To the last drop!

With increasing global demand for energy, oil and gas companies must strive to find ways to maximise recovery.

Maintaining and optimising production from their assets by producing ‘to the last drop’ can help meet this demand. Production bottlenecks in a gathering system can be best thought of as stepping on a garden hose and reducing the flow.

Debottlenecking, then, is like taking your foot off the hose instead of turning the tap to try to get more water. Several oilfield programs were used to predict scenarios analogous to the hose problem and propose solutions. The problems were solved by identifying the production bottlenecks, suggesting a range of solutions, and predicting benefits of removing these bottlenecks.

These solutions were presented to a local oil and gas company, Beach Energy. An automated choke model, two debottlenecked flowline opportunities, three gas well deliquification strategies, and a new method of economic validation were suggested.

Future energy and resources


Australian School of Petroleum

Ala'A Hijazi
Gianni Magliani
Joshua Johnston
Jordan Preiss

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