Parapets & how to keep them erect

Unreinforced Masonry is one of the most common building techniques used to date.

Parapets, chimneys and verandas are a few of the most commonly seen non-structural components and are the most likely to fail during a seismic event. This project is initiated to further understand the behaviour of non-structural components, particularly parapets, during seismic events, analysing and improvising current retrofit systems as well as proposing a new retrofit system for the industry.

In-depth analysis have been carried out to simulate the functional and capabilities of parapets, uncover the limitations and weaknesses of current retrofit solutions as well as designing a more secure, reliable and stronger retrofit system for parapets, accompanying the cost-benefit-ratio.

Stakeholders will be presented with an optimised retrofit system consisting of high monetary and beneficiary values including the capability to secure the components during earthquakes as well as reducing risks of falling hazards on pedestrians.

Our built and natural environments


Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

Avi Patel
Muhammad Mohd Taquddin
James Smith
Muhammad Afiq Daniel Bin Mohd Haffiz

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