Particle receiver aerodynamics

Renewable energy capabilities are becoming increasingly sought after.

Falling particle receivers are an emerging renewable technology, expected to operate more efficiently than established solar technologies and alleviate typical issues associated with renewable energy such as intermittency and high cost storage. The goal of this project was to investigate the effects of wind on these systems, which poses a challenge by disturbing and ejecting the falling particles. This was done with the aim of designing and building a falling particle receiver prototype to study the aerodynamic effects on particles under such circumstances. A combination of engineering design processes and experimental investigation of flow particle behaviour was carried out to produce a relevant prototype model. This was then experimentally tested with sand to study the aerodynamic characteristics of falling particles. This produced insights which can be directly applied to real life systems, to help understand and mitigate the specified challenge.

Future energy and resources


Mechanical Engineering

Aliyan Hassan
Mark Letheby
Huu Kim Tuong Ngo

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